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The Monocle Guide to Drinking & Dining Buch

The Monocle Guide to Drinking & Dining Buch

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Make the most of your food - and discover the best places to shop, drink and dine - with this... mehr
Make the most of your food - and discover the best places to shop, drink and dine - with this brand new guide from Monocle. This is a handbook for anybody who enjoys simple, honest food but can do without the foam, fuss and trickery it's often served with. It's also about the other elements that make a great meal: honed hosting skills, sourcing the best produce and using the sharpest kitchen kit. Plus, Monocle offer a global hit-list of must-visit restaurants from Adelaide to Zürich and the freshest markets, shops and producers. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to turn their love of food into a livelihood. Expect advice on everything from starting a bar to rolling out a restaurant chain or penning a cookbook. There are also recipes from Monocle's favourite restaurants, plus a selection of timetested dishes developed by the team in Monocle's London kitchen. Food for thought takes the form of zesty essays and dinner-time discussions with admired names from the worlds of architecture, hospitality, art and more. On the menu: - The world's finest restaurants, cafés and bars - Advice on starting a food firm - My Last Meal - the imagined final feasts of some high-profile personalities - How to host your own intimate dinner party - A batch of recipes from esteemed chefs, plus lip-smacking dishes from Monocle's own repertoire - Tools of the trade for your kitchen.
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